Guidance Notes

Document Description Download
GN 01 Course Measurement Guidance on Course Measurement Download
GN 02 Standardised Handicapping Guidance on event Handicapping Download
GN 03 Come & Try It Advice on running a "Come & Try" event Download
GN 04 Role of Observers Use of observers in Time Trials Download
GN 05 Wilful Obstruction Advice on not causing obstruction Download
GN 06 Conduct of Club Events Running Club Events Download
GN 07 Timekeeping Practice Timekeeping Events Download
GN 08 Field Placement Setting the Starting Order Download
GN 09 Traffic Counts/Restrictions Traffic Count Guidance Download
GN 10 Duties of Promoting Secretaries Promoting Secretaries Duties Download
GN 11 Marshalls/Checkers Duties of Marshalls/Checkers Download
GN 12 Publicity Hints on Publicity Download
GN 13 Reserve Riders Reserve Riders in Time Trials Download
GN 14 Award Certificates Awards for Performances Download
GN 15 Rider Safety Safety of Riders Download
GN 16 Half Minute Intervals Starting at 30 Second Intervals Download
GN 17 Erection of Safety Signs Placing of Signage Download
GN 18 Accident Reporting Procedure for Reporting Accidents Download
GN 19 Data Protection Comply with the Data Protection Act Download
GN 20 Safeguarding Safeguarding Procedure Download
GN 21 Storage of District Records Keeping District Papers etc. Download
GN 22 Risk Assessment Event Risk Assessment (RA) Download
GN 23 Disciplinary CTT Disciplinary Procedure Download