Website updates

The following updates have been made to the website

Alert club on user's first claim

  • When editing a club there is a new field: "The email address to receive alerts when a user selects this club (leave blank for no alerts)"
  • When a user specifies a club as their first claim, an email alert will be sent to the email address specified
  • This functionality is turned off until an email address is specified

Transfer team entries to a different event

  • When viewing entries to a team event there is a new button to "transfer entry"
  • Clicking the button allows the entry to be transferred to an event of the same type

Allow District Officials view all clubs in CTT

  • When a district official views the clubs within their district there is a new tab to "show all district clubs"
  • Clicking the tab shows all clubs regardless of which district they belong to
  • The export function can be used to export a full list of all clubs